Improving pupils’ life chances via digital transformation

The Further Education Partnership Network addresses key challenges and opportunities in the Further Education sector. Attendees will explore the transformative role of AI in enhancing teaching methodologies, personalising learning experiences, and streamlining administrative tasks, with case studies from leading institutions. 


The conference emphasises democratising access to education through flexible learning options and comprehensive student support, and highlights successful curriculum reform efforts, including collaborative projects and future plans. Additionally, the event will cover forging strong employer partnerships for effective digital skills curricula and innovative solutions to staffing and funding challenges, providing participants with actionable insights to enhance educational and operational efficiency.

Key themes include:

Explore the transformative potential of AI in enhancing teaching methodologies, personalising student learning experiences, and streamlining administrative processes. Real-world case studies from Basingstoke College, Wolverhampton City College, and North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT) will be highlighted.
Focus on strategies to democratise access to education through flexible learning options, evening and weekend programmes, and comprehensive student support systems. Successful interventions for disadvantaged students will be shared to provide actionable strategies for educators.
Discuss the collaborative efforts of four colleges in curriculum planning and reform, addressing challenges, identifying opportunities, and sharing insights on successful pathways and future plans. Topics include the development of a Progressive Level 2 Curriculum and joint CPD initiatives for teachers.
Strategies for forming strong partnerships with businesses to align curriculum with industry needs. Participants will learn how to leverage industry expertise to develop job-ready skills in students, ensuring the curriculum reflects current and future digital trends.
Innovative ways to tackle staffing challenges and promote continuous professional development for educators. The session will explore the use of digital platforms and tools for recruiting, retaining, and developing high-quality teachers and leaders.
Collaborative discussions on the financial challenges faced by FE institutions, with a focus on identifying innovative strategies to secure funding, optimise resources, and ensure financial sustainability. Participants will share experiences and solutions to navigate financial constraints.
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